Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting ready to start 40 days of abundance meditations with me

So gratified at the number of people who responded that they want to meditate on abundance with me for the next 40 days.  See yesterday's post for details.

In order to prepare, please set aside 30 minutes for tomorrow, a pad of paper and a pen and a computer.  On subsequent days you only need 15 but realistically the first day needs a full 30 with signing the first day pledge and everything.

Warning: unsolicited advice:
My experience is that I will not NOT set aside 30 minutes for anything short of meeting Bill Clinton alone in a hotel room without an appointment with myself (which I've yet to do by the way, this is how rumors get started).  If I tell myself, oh, I'll do it at some point or I'll do it in the evening I might as well be saying I'll do it when Republicans vote for national health insurance paid for by a tax on the wealthy.  No.  I have to look at my schedule the night before and put into my calendar precisely when I'm going to do it.  More than that, for me, if I don't do it when I first wake up it doesn't happen.  So if I have to wake up 30 minutes earlier to start abundance meditations, that's what I do, whether I'm getting up at 4am anyway or skipping yoga that morning or whatever.  Otherwise my day slips away and I keep putting it off and bam it's bed time and I'm trying to do it while I'm really sleepy.  But that's just me...

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