Saturday, February 06, 2010

Day 8 -- Season for Nonviolence--Healing

[From The Season for Nonviolence, 64 Ways in 64 Days pamphlet)
"Feb. 6 HEALING--Today, choose a painful incident in your life and find the "gift" it has given you. Consciously share this gift with others."

Ok-ay, WHY did I commit to writing on this every day? My kids, who read my blog, will probably appreciate it if I do not use a painful incident involving them. As will my other family members; but what else causes us real pain except family?

It's funny, I share about these kinds of things all the time, but not on the web. I'm finding that I can't talk about anything truly painful to me in this format. So I guess I'll just talk about thati: it's actually sometimes painful to me how many life lessons I've learned that I can't really talk about in public. I'm on a path to be a minister. With luck soon I'll be expected to stand up in a pulpit and connect with people. My pastor, Rev. Georgia Prescott, minister of the Center for Spiritual Awareness in West Sacramento does that once a week without fail. She gets up there and she talks about what is real, her struggles, her pain, tangibly, with detail. She tells what she's learned from the experiences, and gives us ideas on how to grow, to change.

I've taken people to listen to Rev. Georgia who are hard-edged cynics and atheists or agnostics. By the end of one of her sermons, they're taking notes, either mentally or on paper, learning how to use spiritual principles to improve their life. And they come back. I don't know if I'll ever be able to do that. Spiritual principles and practice has completely changed my life. My pain and my struggles have completely and utterly led the way for me to emotional freedom. I can and do share that with other people daily, maybe even with you. But not here. Not, amusingly, on this sad little cyber link that can only be found by me. Not today.

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