Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 18--Season for Nonviolence--FREEDOM

[From The Season for Nonviolence, 64 Ways in 64 Days pamphlet]
Feb. 16 FREEDOM Take a leadership role today in your own life. Find one way you can be more expressive of who you truly are.

First, let me explain what may be obvious, I left town for 3 days thinking I had access to a computer and I didn't. Alls I had was my non QWERTY cell phone--hence the tweet like posts (but at least I had set it up to be able to do that).

So, on freedom, and being expressive of who I truly am. Just when I was thinking I should be less expressive...well, truly, this whole nonviolence exercise is an exercise in freedom for me. By writing publicly on this subject, I am trying to unite my spiritual and political sides. So far, there have been some good days and some pathetic ones where I simply was fearful of my audience's reaction to this experiment (see "Bring in the Snouts" post below). But how free is that? If I'm going to do it, I can just do it. So for today, damn the torpedoes (oops, violent metaphor, how about embrace the turnips!) here I go!

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