Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 22--Season for Nonviolence--Prayer

[From The Season for Nonviolence, 64 Ways in 64 Days pamphlet]
"Feb. 21 PRAYER 'Prayer from the heart can achieve what nothing else in the world can,' said Gandhi. Begin and end the day with a prayer for peace. Let peace begin with you."

This is a good reminder for me. I spent the first half of my adult life working for social justice, social change and I've spent the latter part working to change my life from the inside out. I pray every single day for strength, courage, thea bility to be kind, loving, peaceful. I let peace begin with me, but I almost never pray for world peace, or peace generally, just peace for me.

I believe there is no separation between any of us. We are all one. We are all connected. Therefore, is there a difference between a prayer for world peace and a prayer for my peace of mind?

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