Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Latest Rudolf's Diner Issue is Out!
Uncle Rudolf, Editor in Chief of Rudolf's Diner (to which I contribute my Eye on the Pie column) writes this:

"Dear Readers,
It's that time again: a.m., crickets, bleary eyes, and I'm about to wrap up the latest issue of Rudolf's Diner! Issue Nine. Doesn't seem like a lot, but it's a lot. The Diner is slowly taking hold. This issue is graced by writing from Louisiana, Minnesota, Washington, California and Arizona. Our readership is international (OK, just my friend Freddy in Spain, but still!). Tomorrow Mars.
You are going to love this issue! It is about love, envy, strength, freedom, childhood, loneliness, transformations, dirt, the life of the nomad, caring for a child, caring for a parent, addiction, story and, above all, harmony with place.
I don't need to say a word. It's all there. Have a seat in the Diner. Enjoy!
Your Loving Uncle,
Click here, read, print them to take out back, read some more, respond!

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