Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Is Chuck D a Public Enemy?
Successful writer Abe Opincar (top journalist for the San Diego Reader and author of a critically acclaimed book of essays called Fried Butter) responded to my Air America musings with a 15 year old piece from the LA Weekly which goes in depth into some allegations regarding Chuck D's old Public Enemy crony Professor Griff's homophobic and anti-semetic statements and Chuck D's seeming failure to condemn them.

Of this, I know nothing, and of course, will not defend any such statements or failures. However, I can say that I have heard nothing objectionable out of Chuck D's mouth on Unfiltered . When he speaks, he speaks with inclusionary tones and LOVE.

Mainly, I cite this as an opportunity to plug Abe--I'll be reviewing his book soon (long overdue, so far it's wonderful).

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