Wednesday, September 01, 2004

California Screamin'
Driving from San Diego to Disneyland this morning I picked up Rush Limbaugh interviewing W. My first instinct was to switch channels, but then I thought, well, how often do I actually hear the President interviewed on a radio talk show? (answer: never) So I listened.

If I wasn't terrified before, as I reflect upon it composing on an outdated computer in the comfort of the otherwise well-appointed home of my friends Carmel and Todd Helm (located conveniently just steps from the Nixon library and birthplace), I am now.

Last week the Los Angeles Times had Bush slightly ahead in the latest poll. On the show today he came across, I am horrified to report, as relaxed, open, articulate, warm, reassuring and on top of things. No idiotic gaffs. No menacing statements. Perfectly perfectly able to appear as a reasonable choice to anyone who is stupid enough not to have made up their mind in August/September of 2004.

So, while the Tower of Terror, California Screamin' and the other sensational rides at Disney's California Adventure caused my stomach to drop and my adreneline to flow, they were really nothing compared to the Horror of the Hinterlands ride I took with the combination of this poll and interview.

I am not subjecting myself to the convention and I'll be off-line in Yosemite, but in the meantime please tell me and my readers what you think. Click on my actual blog (instead of remaining safely in the email version) and click on comments and post your comment directly on the blog, please.

Answer these questions (or others): who do you think will be elected President this year and why (bonus points: how can I believe what I do and yet love Disneyland so much?)?

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