Thursday, September 09, 2004

Bluesing with the Bounce
Well, you'd never know it, but I've been back on-line for about 5 days and no blog yet. Why? The simplest answer: the post-Republican convention blues and bounce--a mi no me gusta as they say in El Paso.

I think this Bush strategy of "you're safer with Bush" is a prime example of madison avenue advertising tactic numero uno (why the spanish? I just returned from so cal): sell the product using its weakest attribute (choosy mom's choose [extra salt and sugar-laden] Jif).

I'm glad that Kerry has just hired every possible advisor in the world. Every advisor in the world has said it, he needs to play offense, not defense. I don't happen to agree (and neither does my nonfictional husband, Bill) that he should completely switch the topic of Iraq and the war and only talk about the economy and health care.

Look, this is a President who's destroyed peace and prosperity--hammer on him. Come on, pal!

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