Monday, September 20, 2004

Kids for Kerry
My kids are becoming obsessed by how they can help defeat George Bush (where could they have gotten this from?). Their latest ideas:

1) Call up all the people who are thinking of voting for George Bush and scream into the phone, "those are all lies! those are all lies!"

2) Send everyone who is undecided an electronic George Bush like the one I was given today as an extremely late birthday gift ("Mom, make sure you tell them you have to put tape over the button that says 'inspiriational' so that they can only push the button that says 'funny'. That's key and after they hear how stupid the things are that Bush has said, they'll have to vote for Kerry!").

When I explained that the latter idea might not work because many people seem to like George Bush precisely because he says stupid things, they look at me blankly.

"you're kidding, right, Mom?" one says hopefully.

"I only wish I were, honey."

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