Thursday, October 28, 2004

Word on the Street
Positive responses all around to yesterday's blog give me the courage to blog exhaustedly tonight as well. Anne B. reports people calling her cell phone back from Colorado to California to report that they are supporting Kerry.

Less than thrilling phonecalls today to Cincinnati (how the hell do you spell this godforsaken city? "see eye en see eye en en ay tee eye?" Disappointedly they were voter ID. Voter ID less than 5 days before a presidential election in a key city in a key state? Seems wierd to me. (for lay people, this means we weren't calling already identified Kerry supporters to get them out to vote, we were still calling random Democrats and independents figuring out who was for Kerry, a much tougher job)

Out of 10 calls answered by real people, 5 seemed genuinely annoyed and pro Bush--Cincinnati is just too darn close to Kentucky, I've always believed it was a southern city.

This depressed and worried me a little, but here's what's what: the Boss played Kerry out to "No Surrender" to a crowd of 80,000 in Madison today. So baby we were born to run.

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