Saturday, October 09, 2004

I hope Kerry and his handlers know what they're doing...
Gee. I thought Kerry did very well in parts tonight, and I really enjoyed the debate dinner party we threw and a wonderful gymnastics and cheer show the kids put on afterward, but I'm going to bed feeling a little sad.

Why you so sad, snichols, you ask? I sad because I really thought Kerry weasled and wasn't straight on issues I know he's been good on in the past, I think it's a damn shame that he seems to feel that that's what is demanded of him.

First what he did well: I loved his answers on the Supreme Court, on jobs and taxes and foreign policy. I thought he was smokin' there.

But then some examples of weasle answers:
on Patriot Act (well whatcha gonna do, he voted for it)
on abortion (until the rebuttal)
on health care (cause his wimpy plan sucks)
on tort reform (trying to have it both ways again)
on stem cell research (although I think this issue is way overplayed)
and on the environment, it wasn't so much that he weasled as that he bungled: he shoulda hit that one outa the park. There couldn't be a clearer difference between him and Bush, but the public was left confused.

Why is it that arch conservatives whose views represent only 30% of the country feel they can unabashedly pander to that 30% and state unequivocably that they're anti-abortion, or anti-gay marriage or pro tax cuts for the wealthy and that Kerry can't be made to be comfortable being who he's always been: pro-choice, great on the environment, fiscally conservative and pro civil rights?

I guess my final comment is that it better be worth it. I have trouble believing that the f-ing idiots who are undecided at this point are more likely to vote for a candidate who tries to please everyone than one who appears to believe certain things and stick to them. But maybe Kerry and his handlers know something I don't know. I sure hope so.

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