Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Too Tired to Blog
I loved the Edwards-Cheney debate, but I'm kinda too tired to blog about it. I think that Edwards scored significant points against the the creep-veep and never let up yet he came across as really believable and likeable [he drank a lot more water though--did anyone else notice that? Does Cheney come from a dry planet?]. I thought it was a bit much that they never had a question on health care but they had two on gay marriage. I don't think that Cheney did badly though. I think he did a lot better than Bush and a didn't make any major gaffs. Here's what the (other) pundits have to say:

CBS News tracked the reactions to tonight's vice-presidential debate of a nationwide panel of 169 uncommitted voters - voters who could change their minds before Election Day. Here are the initial results. This scientific poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 7 percentage points:· By 41% to 29%, uncommitted debate watchers say Edwards won the debate tonight.

Peter Jennings: “Anybody who thought that Senator Edwards was going to be rolled by the experienced Vice President I think will have a second thought.” [10:40, ABC]

Bob Schieffer: “This was a very testy debate. The vice-president tonight had the unfortunate task of defending a war that does not appear to be going very well these days. On the very day that the former top civilian official in Iraq was making a speech saying that we went about it in the wrong way. That was a tall hill for
the vice-president to climb tonight.” (CBS, 10:40pm)

David Brooks: "Edwards came right out from the git go and said you're not being straight with the American people." (PBS, 10:40pm)

Fred Barnes: "Now the second half, on domestic policy, I though Edwards did very well and he probably won that part." [Fox News, 10/5/04, 10: 40]Bill Krystol: "I think Edwards won the second half on domestic policy." [Fox News, 10/5/04 10:42pm]

Mark Shields: "John Edwards first one-on-one debate, had been billed that way, absolutely no nervousness, came out right from the start. And,and was aggressive. And Dick Cheney, I think, the vice president was really knocked back on his heels." [PBS, 10/5/04, 10:41pm]

George Will: "Mr. Edwards gave just as good as he got." [ABC, 10/5/04, 10:41pm]

Bob Schieffer: “The administration has got to find another way to argue and justify this war. The arguments that Vice-President Cheney was making tonight clearly did not take.” [CBS]

Carlos Watson: "… I think Edwards probably did a better job with persuadable voters." [CNN, 10/5/04]

Kit Seelye: "Edwards was the more engaging debater and personality. He laid out his arguments with the precision and logic that you would expect from a star litigator but also managed to smile and appear less rehearsed." [New York Times Online, 10/5/04]

Candy Crowley: “Probably for John Edwards the best moment was when he turned to Cheney and said, you know Mr. Cheney, I don’t—Mr. Vice President, I don’t think Americans can take another four years of this administration. Sort of a rendition of Ronald Reagan’s famous line of are you better off. That clearly was one that he had been waiting to deliver. Obviously an effective line.” (CNN, 10:51)

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