Thursday, October 28, 2004

Current thoughts
Look. I've been too busy actually working to try to guarantee the outcome of this election to blog about it. And that's a good thing. So stop with the complaints already. You're all out doing it too, I think.

Anyway, phonebanking voters in swing states (Ohio and Colorado) this week here's the thing: We're trying to get low propensity voters who have been identified as Kerry supporters to the polls. Now I've phonebanked for years. And normally when you call these people, you annoy them, you bug them, you nag them and most of them don't respond or vote, but a few do and that's what makes it worth it.

Well, this year It's like this:
Kid who answers: Mom, it's Sara from the Kerry campaign calling, should I just tell her ...
Mom voter: Gimme that phone! Hi. Sara? You can definitely count on my vote for John Kerry. And I'm getting all my friends out to vote too.
Sara: Do you know where your polling place is?
Mom: Oh yeah. You bet I do. I'll see you there.
Sara: I don't think so.
(okay, this last line is a fabrication, although it is unlikely that I'll see them at the polls in Ohio).

The point is these people are pumped. They're not angry that we're calling. They're not annoyed. They want to vote. They plan to vote. And they mean it to count. Something's different and it's making me feel good about next week.

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