Sunday, October 31, 2004

Bill's Excited Today...
...and it isn't just because I slept with my hair in curlers last night to prepare for creating "helmet hair" for the most terrifying costume I could think of: a Republican woman (red suit with matching pumps, big pearls, hair that doesn't move being the key ingredients). The late-night curlers prompted Bill to quip "if Republican women sleep in curlers, no wonder they're not worried about birth control..."

But no, that isn't why Bill's excited. Bill's excited because this morning, for the first time in weeks, has Kerry ahead in electoral votes and the trend is very much in our favor. Zogby has Bush nationally down to 46% and Kerry at 47%. And there's some interesting comparisons with 2000 if you scroll down below, 4 days out in 2000, Zogby had Gore at 42%, Bush at 46% and Zogby was the only pollster to accurately predict Gore winning the national vote.

Bonus points: here's what one Red Sox fan from Western Massachusetts has to say from the campaign trail in razor thin close New Hampshire:

I went up to Keene NH yesterday afternoon to help out any way I could... ended up at an intersection holding a kerry-edwards sign at a visibility. I understand that keene is more liberal than the rest of the state (they were out of stickers to wear btw so I opted for a "sportsman for kerry" sticker over an "italian americans for Kerry" sticker feeling that the former was slightly less a lie: hey i'm a sox fan) but I was pleased and energized to see that the kerry people outnumbered the bush people 3 or 4-1 and seeing all the young people made me think maybe we are reaching those who do not show up in the polls....Josh marshall of says the election will come down to field organizations and the springsteen funded America Votes (or whatever it's called) was also highly visible...keep your hopes up and fingers crossed.....

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