Thursday, October 07, 2004

All the Way with JFK
Iiiiiiiit's the 2nd Presidential Debate tomorrow, so lower your expectations and you'll have a good time. In fact, pretty much lower them all the time and you'll do fine.

Actually, I don't believe that and I hope you won't. After a long period of staring blankly at the walls considering how much of my stuff I could fit in a container bound for northern Europe, I now believe that we have the anti-Bush mo (men-tum).

Look, astounding record numbers of people have registered to vote all over the country, especially in swing states and so far where we're getting information it's 2/3rds Democrat. So, despite pollsters' claims of trying to "account" for this surge, they aren't and if even 1/3 of these new registrants make it to the polls, it's enough to put us over the top--it's that close!

My friend Sandra Childs, a highschool teacher at a working class high school in Oregon reports record levels of interest in the election, politicization--mostly of the our side variety.

Another friend, June Cummins professor at San Diego State reports her students are 100% registered and eager to vote--after all, my comment, their butts are on the line.

At this point, if this were really high tech, the requisite opening bars to "There's Somethin' happenin' here" would start up...oh yeah, but since it ain't, I'll sign off--All the way with JFK!

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