Thursday, August 10, 2017

Love Your Divine Feminine At Sister Spirit Sept. 14-17

If you don't have plans for September 14th through 17th (and you identify as female), it's not too late to sign up for Sister Spirit retreat at the beautiful Saratoga Springs Retreat and Healing Center near Upper Lake, California.
Several years ago, my life transformed as I attended the Woman Spirit retreat created and facilitated by Rev. Georgia Prescott and a wonderful team.  Going into that retreat, despite believing myself to be a feminist, and consciously walking a spiritual path, I really had no peace with my femininity--the really consistent loving presences in my life had been men, not women.  I liked myself in spite of being a woman, not because.

After a long weekend of playing, painting, dancing, sweating, crying and laughing with women in the woods, that all changed.  I loved myself and I had a Great Spiritual Mother to consult (as well as a Divine Father, which I'll always have and love as well).

Enter Sister Spirit, created by Abigail Schairer, inspired by the Woman Spirit retreat several years ago. At this point Rev. Abigail (Spiritual Leader of the Center for Spiritual Living, Peninsula in Redwood City, CA) leads one of these retreats in the fall and one of these in the spring.  This year's fall retreat has Lakiba Pittman as the featured speaker and Amy Steinberg as the featured musician. If you have no other plans, this is a wonderful way for you to heal yourself and restore and rejuvenate.  

If you want to register, there are still a few spaces left.  Click here for more information about Sister Retreat.   Click here to register

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