Sunday, July 18, 2004

There is no blog
Thus far, I've proven an unreliable summer blogger. One week in Yosemite, no computer, no phone, no blog.  But then one week back, computer, phone, only one entry.
In my defense, I was readying the entire house for repainting and recarpeting--a job only slightly short of what's required for moving.  And only slightly less irritating to the people around me, it turns out.
Everyone's heard the stories of marriages gone bad from remodelling a kitchen.  Months without end of washing dishes in a bathtub take their toll on even the serenest souls.

But who has ever heard of 1 month's worth of prepping for painting and carpeting driving a family insane?  Well, actually, just driving me insane, I think.  My husband and children never complained.

But after about the 5th dinner conversation where Bill introduced some interesting topic from his day, worthy of say, an entire blog, like the inside scoop on Schwarzenegger's shenanigans on the budget in the California legislature and I responded with something as fascinating as "yes, but have you looked at the sample Sedona Sunrise streaks I painted on the wall?," I was boring myself, yet I couldn't stop.  I had to have him see the Sedona Sunrise, I had to.
Okay, it's behind us.  It's in the painter's hands.
So, now we're here in Buffalo, New York for two weeks.  It's cool and rainy and everything is fabulous.  After months of unrelenting Sacramento sunshine, it is delightful to sit on a porch swing and read while the afternoon thunderstorm pours down around us.
I'm hopeful that I'll write something more interesting tomorrow, but at the instance of the Rev. Julie Interrante, I'm reading No death, no fear by Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh.  As such, I've learned that there is no death and no birth.  By extension, I think I can easily surmise, there is no blog.

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