Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Nip/Tuck on F/X is Fun/Vile
3 Snouts Up (:)(:)(:)
Have you seen this tv show?  It combines soft porn with graphic surgery--what could be more enticing?  Brought to you on basic cable: two men in a plastic surgery partnership in Miami--one cute, sweet and ethical, the other gorgeous, slutty and unprincipled.  The scenes cut abruptly (sometimes literally) between slightly more than Sex-in-the-City level "love" scenes and vacuuming out "cottage cheese" during a lipo-suction (dieting tip: just try and eat your late night cereal in front of this show).
Somehow it's hard to resist--it's reasonably cleverly written and conceived and so disturbingly edgy that you're drawn to it without wanting to be.  It doesn't hurt that Vanessa Redgrave's daughter plays the good doctor's wife and Vanessa Redgrave plays her witchy know-it-all psychotherapist mother obsessed with her own looks.  At one point Redgrave senior gets it on with the unscrupulous 40 year old son-in-law's partner and then gloats about it to her daughter--nasty, vile and irresistible.  But resist if you can, this is one show which signals the end of civilization is at hand (and do we need reminding?).  Tuesdays at 10pm.

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