Saturday, July 10, 2004

Don't Blog About Nader
Bill Magavern tells me not to blog about Nader any more, but then we watch Ralph interviewed on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (hosted by Stephen Colbert, not Jon Stewart!) and Bill raises some interesting questions:

[full disclosure: both participants in the interview are former employees and current devotees of Public Citizen, an organization founded by Ralph Nader, and Magavern is a former employee and current fan of U.S. Public Interest Research Group, which is an idea Ralph had in the shower that now is a huge national network with branches in several states. Magavern has, in the past, travelled with Ralph several times and Ralph asks about our children when he sees us. Magavern currently works as senior legislative advocate for Sierra Club California.]

Nichols: You seem outraged at the lack of thoroughness of this Daily Show interview, Bill. Why?
Magavern: Well, if the substitute host for a fake news show won't ask the tough questions, who will?

Nichols: Yes. But what exactly are the tough questions? I mean, he asked him about the spoiler thing...
Magavern: Look, with Edwards added to the ticket just that day, the question to ask was, obviously, isn't it true that Kerry and Edwards have been consistent allies of yours in fighting corporate power?

And isn't true that you in fact advised Kerry to have Edwards as his running mate? And given this fact shouldn't you support this ticket and stop hiding behind the canard...

Nichols: Hold it. Can you hide behind a canard ?
Magavern: Well now you're applying a standard to the quality of writing in your blog which frankly...

Nichols: Okay. Okay. Stop hiding behind the canard...
Magavern: ...that there is a unified Democratic position that's soft on corporate power, when in fact Kerry and Edwards, if elected, will lead the Democratic party and it will be what they want to be which is not soft on corporate power.

Nichols: Well, you make some good points, but what about the free trade thing? Isn't one of Nader's strongest anti-corporate positions against trade uber alles and aren't Kerry and Edwards free traders?
Magavern: No. Kerry is. Edwards isn't and hasn't been and Kerry's reconsidering his position on trade...

Nichols: Since he's been running for President?
Magavern: Well, yes.

Nichols: What about the Iraq issue? Ralph is out there raising important questions about the war and Kerry voted for the war powers. Isn't that a legitimate difference between the candidates?
Magavern: Ralph can raise the issues without being a candidate for President. Can I check my email now?

Nichols: Sure, honey.
Magavern: Don't forget to tell them that Ralph scooped everyone when he announced that Jon Stewart was absent because his wife just had a baby. That was the best part...
Nichols: I won't, honey.

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