Friday, July 09, 2004

Back from Paradise
So, yes, I've been on vacation for nearly a week. Out of cell phone and email range for the most part in Yosemite--truly awesome, in more of a 19th than 20th century way.

I spent more time contemplating subjects such as the pursuit of excellence, and how all people are essentially good, than I did politics per se, or other favorite topics (gee, are there any?). Midweek, when turned back from a hike to Dog Lake at Tuolomne Meadows due to a not yet recovered son (waaah!), I stopped in at the Tuolomne General Store for a soda and some cashews.

When asked if they had the newspaper, the young man behind the counter said, "yeah, maybe, we have some newspapers, but I don't know if they're today's." I walked over to it and chose between the Fresno Bee and USA Today--a tough one: I chose USA Today, first time buying it in years without knowing that I was quoted in a story (okay, gratuitous reminder that I once was quoted with frequency--now, if you Google me, you get some 19 year old soccer playing Sara Nichols and a question I asked of a cohousing list serve 8 years ago).

And then I read the headline as I walk back to the counter to pay for it--"Oh my God!" I scream. "Have you even looked at these? We have a Vice-President--it's Edwards!"

"Whaaaa...?" said the rocket surgeon behind the cash register. "Lemme see that," he glances at the headline.

"Whatever," he pronounces.

"Whatever indeed," I cleverly admonish, paying him a dollar for the paper.

Fortunately our son is more excited than the cashier about the selection. "Joe [his best friend] loves Edwards even more than Kerry. He shook his hand when he came to Sacramento."

Sure he shook Edwards hand. Who didn't? But did he talk his way into the $1,000 donor circle room upstairs along with 40 other people and shake his hand under false pretenses like me? I didn't think so.

I like Edwards for VP. As the Republicans will remind us daily: we've got the first most liberal and the 4th most liberal vote in the US Senate (by one credible study, truth be told, although Bill and I both think first place should've gone to Boxer--whose nightshirt I'm wearing as I compose)--woo hoo, what a team!

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