Monday, May 03, 2010

The Wire is Alive and Well in Sacramento

In response to the Sacramento Bee's article on the front page of today's local section, "DA challenger faces uphill fight" I wrote this letter to the Bee:

Andy Furillo (the Bee's best reporter) undoubtedly gets it right: Jan Scully's challenger Julius Engel is a mixed bag and a long-shot for District Attorney. Yet, I plan to vote for him and I urge all Sacramentans to do so. Have you ever seen HBO's "The Wire"? Well, Jan Scully is the D.A. version of Police Chief Burrell whose sole focus is arresting low level drug users in order to look tough on crime. And it works, she does. Every year she diverts thousands of federal dollars that could be used to reduce the root causes of crime to spend it arresting narcotics violators. Scully is a key conservative voice statewide in protecting our failed 3 strikes law. She recently spent tens of thousands of dollars prosecuting one woman on a MISDEMEANOR who was volunteering to help get clean needles to drug addicts to reduce HIV transmission. Meanwhile cities like San Francisco and L.A. elect 21st century D.A.s who prosecute companies that rip-off seniors or chronic polluters in addition to protecting us from violence. Sacramento County is big and contains a range of viewpoints, but I know we can do better than Jan Scully. Vote for Engel.

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