Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Roger Dickinson for Assembly

Six years ago I worked hard for Dave Jones against Roger Dickinson in the Democratic primary to fill Sacramento's assembly district. I argued that Dave was a real progressive and that despite Dickinson's length of public service, Dave would be the more reliable vote and the better, smarter, more aggressive assemblyman. I was right, and so was enough of the Democratic electorate to elect Dave handily. He's been a smart, aggressive, politically shrewd assemblyman and he's now in line to win the Democratic primary race for Insurance Commissioner (he'll be a great one).

This year I surprise myself by finding that I support Roger Dickinson against Kevin McCarty. Surely Roger is no Dave Jones but neither is Kevin McCarty (who inherited Jones' city council seat and now wants to follow him into the assembly). However, as a county supervisor, in a room full of supes who live for unbridled development, Roger has been a consistent sane vote for smarter growth. He hasn't always done the right thing, but he has been there way more often than not. McCarty, who may be the truer progressive in his ideology (not sure but there are signs of it), has not distinguished himself on the city council and lacks anything in particular to make up for his inexperience.

Dickinson on the other hand has years of experience in public service. He is reliable. He is supported by the Sierra Club, California Nurses Association and the local labor federation. He is the right choice for Sacramento.

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