Monday, May 31, 2010

My Recommendations for Candidates--Statewide

I am a "Decline to State" voter who likes to vote on the Democratic ballot so as to influence the Democratic primary outcomes, so that's what I will be doing this time. Here are my picks for voting:

Lieutenant Governor:
I plan to vote for Gavin Newsom, current Mayor of San Francisco (aka "Mayor McHotty"). The Lt. Governor job is largely ceremonial and unimportant but the officeholder does sit on several boards and commissions, providing the swing vote on what I think is called the State Public Lands Commission, a key environmental body. The Sierra Club gave its endorsement to Gavin Newsom after interviewing him and considering his record. That's good enough for me.

In the spectrum of San Francisco politics, Newsom is considered a centrist and a sellout. After years of seeing San Francisco "centrists" elected to the State legislature and end up being some of the most leftwing and effective members up here, I have come to love them: send us your tired, your poor, your San Francisco centrists. It takes a San Francisco "centrist" to go cowboy renegade and issue marriage licenses for gays and lesbians against state law. Wow what would a truly leftwing San Francisco mayor have done? Probably seize and redistribute downtown real estate to recently married gays as wedding presents!

Attorney General:
This is a tough race to decide in because there are so many people running. I definitely would not vote for Alberto Torrico or Rocky Delgadillo who are both more conservative Democrats that have not been there for the people. Kamala Harris, the San Francisco DA is the only woman running in a crowded field so there is some pull towards her (and she'll probably win the primary) but her department is under an investigation right now that casts some doubt upon her respect for civil liberties and she has not displayed the depth of knowledge on some issues that are important to me.

Even though he's a longshot, I'll vote for Pedro Nava, current assemblymember, ethical and nice and smart, the only candidate for A.G. endorsed by the Sierra Club and latino from southern california who may have a better chance against the Republicans in the fall.

Insurance Commissioner:
Dave Jones. See my previous post on this. Both are good assemblymembers and men. Dave will just be the tougher, harder working regulator and I think he'll win.

Member, State Board of Equalization, District 2:
Chris Parker. This is a huge district stretching all the way down the state so even if you're not in Sacramento you may have to vote in it. Parker was recommended to me by a former top staff member of the State Board of Equalization whom I trust.

United States Senator:
Barbara Boxer is doing a great job and will face a tough race in the fall.

Although there are 7 candidates listed on the ballot, Attorney General (and former Governor) Jerry Brown is effectively running unopposed for the Democratic nomination. I am not wild about Jerry Brown. I'll probably vote for him in November, but I haven't decided yet. In the meantime, since it will have no effect on the outcome, I'll write in my husband Bill Magavern for Governor since he would be better than Jerry.

Secretary of State:
Debra Bowen, the incumbent, is running unopposed and is doing a good job. I'll vote for her.

John Chiang, ditto above.

Bill Lockyer, ditto above.

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Lisa Anne Jones said...

Thanks Sara. Your advice always helps me get started and always points me in the right direction for certain offices I am clueless about.