Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights June 2010 Voter Guide

This is the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights June 2010 Voter Guide. I agree with their recommendations on the propositions. I will put something out soon with my recommendations on candidates--Sara

Ella Baker Center June 2010 Voter Guide

Every time there is an election, it's important that we make informed choices on each candidate and proposition on the ballot. Here are the Ella Baker Center recommendations for the propositions on the June 2010 election.

Download the printable version to take to the polls or use with your mail in ballot.
Prop 13
YES Prop 13 makes sure tax incentives for seismic retrofitting are available for all types of buildings. This encourages owners to make their buildings more quake-resistant without facing a tax reassessment.
Prop 14
NO While touted as an "open primary" bill, Prop 14 will allow candidates to conceal their party affiliation during primary elections. Only the top two candidates from the primary will be listed on the general election ballot (potentially from the same party), and no write-in candidates will be allowed. It will become virtually impossible for small party or independent candidates to run for state-wide offices. Prop 14 would add pressure on non-incumbents and/or nonfrontrunners to drop out, lest they "split the vote" of their party's voters, giving more power to party insiders, and less to voters. Ranked Choice Voting would be a more more equitable way of implementing the type of change that Proposition 14 claims to support.
Prop 15
YES Prop 15 is a step towards public funding for state campaigns. It will repeal the current ban on public funding for campaigns, and institute a pilot program where qualifying candidates for the office of Secretary of State could choose to receive public funds to pay for their campaign costs. Ella Baker Center recommends a YES vote because Prop 15 is an important first step towards elections where candidates are judged on the merit of their platforms rather than the amount of corporate money they are able to amass.
Prop 16
NO PG&E has introduced this bill to protect its monopoly and profits. If passed, Prop 16 would kill innovation in local and state alternative energy planning and employment as well as eliminating public power and community choice. This Prop is against everything we stand for. It's Anti-Green Jobs and Anti-community-empowerment. Watch and share a video about Prop 16.
Prop 17
NO This initiative is the insurance industry's attempt increase industry profits by manipulating voters into voting against their own interests. It ends hard fought consumer protections won through Prop 103 and court decisions. Prop 17 allows auto insurance companies in CA to surcharge drivers who cancel their insurance and then restart it, penalizing low and middle income Californians who may not have continual access to vehicles and therefore don't need ongoing coverage.

Key Election Dates

Early Voting Begins: Monday, May 10th
Last Day to Register to Vote: Monday, May 24th
Last Day to Request a Mail-In Ballot: Tuesday, June 1st
Election Day: Tuesday, June 8th

For more details about voting, to register to vote, or to request your mail-in ballot, visit www.sos.ca.gov

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