Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Yay, We Win! Priscilla Owens will be a Federal Judge!

So let me get this right: 3 judges (so far to the right ideologically that usually wimpy Senate Democrats threatened to filibuster their confirmation) will be appointed to the bench in a Democratically-annointed deal. And we're supposed to be happy about this?

Am I the only one out here who finds this scenario ludicrous? Look, I know you can spin this as a loss for the Bush administration because they were the ones to back down first from the brink of the "nuclear option," but here's what happened as I understand it.

White House: Confirm all our judges.

Senate Dems: We don't like 10 of them. We'll filibuster.

White House: Confirm all our judges.

Senate Dems: But we don't wanna.

White House: Confirm all our judges or we'll take away your right to filibuster judicial nominations.

Senate Dems: No! We like that right! Please don't take that right! We like it!

White House: Confirm all our judges or we'll go nuclear.

Senate Dems: Okay, let's be reasonable. How about we confirm 3 of your judges but not the rest and you let us keep the filibuster.

White House: No.

Senate Dems: Please?!

White House: No.

Senate Dems: Pretty Please?

White House: No. We're going nuclear.

Senate Dems: Pretty please, with Priscilla Owens on top?

White House: O-kay. When you put it that way.

Senate Dems: Goodie! We're confirming 3 far right judges! Naa-naaa we get to keep the filibuster!

White House: No you don't. We can go nuclear any time.

Senate Dems: But you said...

White House: I know you are, but what am I?

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Anonymous said...

Word from DC is that neither side is happy with the deal, but the other side is a lot less happy than we are. See MoveOn if you don't believe me.