Friday, May 13, 2005

The Politics of Blogging

Some of my faithful readers have been complaining of late at my lack of "political" content. Although I would call my readers attention to recent posts of April 27, 25 and 19, I do admit, the content lately has been more personal than political.

But you have to remember the personal is ... no, that really isn't my point here.

You don't have to be a rocket surgeon to figure this out: I am blogging about what I am thinking about. This either interests you or it don't. I hope it does, but until someone starts paying me to blog, I am going to blog (predominantly) when I have something to say.

And speaking of paying me, there are tons of people/entities not paying me to do what I do right now: the Sacramento Bee isn't paying me to write the op ed I'm working on for them; What's the Big Idea? isn't paying me to develop my businesses; my son hasn't paid me to stay home with him sick for 12 out of the past 30 days; my community isn't paying me to put forth a proposal for new tables that they're in the process of shooting down; my neighborhood association isn't paying me for drafting a letter in a controversy. The list is long.

At the top of the list of people I want not to pay me is Arianna Huffington. I really admire her for launching The Huffington Post, which as most of you probably know is an on-line newspaper filled with her favorite bloggers and wire stories and good pictures.

I link to it on my blog, which, Harry, you can always find by hitting the "Home" button if you're reading a link to a particular post.

If anyone has an in with Arianna, I wish to be a blogger in her newspaper--show them my blog and talk me up and I'll do something for you--most likely I'll do it for free.

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