Saturday, May 07, 2005

Silent Hamster

For years now, every night when I tuck her in, my eight year old daughter requires me to sing a version of the following song (sung to the obvious tune). I sing the words in regular type, she chimes in with the ones in italics. Some of the "regular words" have morphed over the years. She has been making me sing this for years but every so often, she changes the animal inserted. Currently, it is:

Silent hamster, holy hamster
All is calm, all is hamster
'Round yon virgin, mother and hamster
Holy infant, so tender and hamster
Sleep in heavenly hamster
Sle-ep in heavenly ham-ster

Silent hamster, holy hamster
Shepards quake, at the hamster
Angels on high sing al-le-lu-hamster
Shepherds below sing al-le-lu-hamster

[This is my favorite part coming up]

Christ our savior is hamster
Chri-ist our savior is ham-ster

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