Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Talk to Her

(:)(:)(:)(:) Four snouts up for Pedro Almodovar's Talk to Her -- a wonderful haunting film about two men involved with women in comas. I've been meaning to see it for years. I generally like Almodovar films. This one came like 2 weeks ago from Netflix and I have been avoiding watching it, thinking it would be depressing and kind of hating myself for being so shallow that I want to see an "uplifting" movie.

Finally, while Bill struggled with a movie called Time Code or something where there are 4 different screens simultaneously (I gave it a try. I think I'm too old to get it. I'm also annoyed by headlines running across the screen while I try to watch the news--which am I supposed to pay attention to? How do I do both? p.s. I can whine really well if I want to), I watched Talk to her tonight and absolutely loved it.

Caution: way less sex than any other Almodovar film and the only cross-dressing was the woman Matador--or was she a woman? Very androgynous, of course, characteristic of his work.

The trailer for this film was one of those inpenetrable promos with no words, just music and a series of eerie scenes. This one featured a tiny man sitting on the bed talking with a full size woman and a lot of dancing--while those scenes are technically in the film, they have nothing to do with the main characters or plot and for a long time influenced my choice to stay away from it. Why do they choose to promote their films that way? I will never get it.

Anyway, most of you probably aren't interested in a review of a film out on DVD that you've long since forgotten about. But I made a commitment to post daily and that's what I've got to say today. Good night.

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