Saturday, April 09, 2005

Kosher Adultery

What's on snichols' bedside table? Kosher Adultery: seduce and sin with your spouse by Shmuley Boteach. She'd give this book so far (:)(:)(:)(:) 4 snouts up, but remember, she's not through with reading it and may never be (it's overdue at the library already). This is by far the best marriage handbook that snichols has read (a relatively small universe, but still).

Prior to reading this book, snichols was not conscious of Rabbi Shmuley. But now that she's reading it, it's Shmuley this and Shmuley that, everyone wants to talk Rabbi Shmuley. Turns out he's huge. Who knew?

Anyway, the book is about how you can have an affair...with your own spouse. And it's not dumb; it's really credible and interesting. He has the most cogent analysis of the common pattern of marital sex breakdown that snichols has ever seen--and the best advice for getting out of it. Under the heading of TMI* snichols is smug to report that she has been unwittingly applying many of Shmuley's tips for years, to great effect, without even knowing that was what she was doing, but she has more to learn so she reads on.

Many of snichols' friends need to read this book (although snichols doesn't want to say which ones, out of uncharacteristic respect for privacy). Buy and implement this book. Oh, and if it isn't obvious, you don't have to be Jewish to benefit--ah, but it helps.

*"Too much information" for the uninitiated.

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