Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bizarre Antics in the Elections Committee Today

A rag tag but decent sized mob of public financing supporters thronged through the capitol today armed with full-sized brooms to help them "clean up Sacramento." After all of us marched into Senate leader pro tem Perata's office, it suddently occurred to the crack security force of the Capitol that many people sporting beards and fanny packs were carrying large sticks and chanting, inside the Capitol, not out at a rally.

The seargeants began randomly confiscating the brooms whenever they saw them ("hey you, gimme that broom" was the drill). We responded by frantically secreting them away. I could tell you where they are, but then I'd have to sweep with you and god knows we don't want that.

Basically, upshot, bottom line, final analysis, cut to the chase, long story short, the hearing on the AB 583 (Hancock's) Clean Money bill was a bloody disaster. Our author was attacked from Democratic idiots who thought the bill didn't go far enough and Democratic idiots who thought it went too far--and these were the supporters. The bill was "put over" until an undisclosed hearing next week. Heaven help us all.


Eric Wiesenthal said...

What the fuck?! Can't Lonnie Hancock get her shit together. It really is the responsibility of the author to help his or her cause by assisting in the organizing of "grassroots" support on bills like this. It's a GREAT bill, I think, but jeez, it's gonna die unless someone helps out. What do you think?

- Eric

snichols said...

Sorry, Eric, I guess I was unclear. It wasn't the grassroots that was the problem. They were great. They packed the room and backed Loni. No, it was the members of the committee. Johan Klehs of the east bay in particular was a prima donna and pitched a fit over a technicality in an amendment although he claimed to be a huge supporter of public financing. And more importantly, Tom Umberg was too scared of Orange County voters to commit to the bill.