Tuesday, January 18, 2005

You Need to Know About this Self-Help Legal
It has come to snichols' attention that despite their great reputation and her big mouth, there are some people that snichols knows who don't yet know about Nolo Press. Nolo is a wonderful self-help legal publisher that has books and software on everything from will and estates to divorces to finances and small businesses and non-profits and home-buying.

For a very reasonable cost, you can download many of the books and forms in an instant and get high quality legal advice. If you, like many of snichols' friends, are a lawyer who knows no law, this is the place for you to refer all those "hey, you're a lawyer..." people who ask you stuff from time to time. If you're not a lawyer, snichols can tell you that all the real lawyers she's shown Nolo advice to tend to agree with it.

Since Nolo is based in Bezerkeley, some of the advice is particularly to California, but they always state that up front in the title. Have at it!

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