Saturday, January 22, 2005

Bill on Hotel Rwanda
snichols' kids got unexpected sleepovers tonight (a great perk for the middle-aged parents of middle-aged kids) so snichols and snicholsqueeze went out for Spanish food then to Hotel Rwanda.

(:)(:)(:) for Restaurant Aioli Bodega at 1800 L in Sacramento--excellent tapas and tomato-based seafood dish with equally dishy French (go figure) waiter. Only downside was when snichols spilled ice-cold water on the husbandry, but it strategically got them moved to a better table.

After Hotel Rwanda at the beautifully renovated (take a clue, Tower) Crest Theater in downtown Sacto, home for, among other treats, an interview with Bill on the movie.

"Using a snout-based rating system, how many snouts up would you give Hotel Rwanda?" said snichols to him as he's brushing his teeth.

Rinse, spit. "Oh I don't know, whatever's the most, I guess." More brushing.

"You don't know what the highest number of snouts is?!" snichols screams. "Everyone who reads snicholsblog knows what the highest number of snouts is!"

More brushing.

sigh. "Okay, what else would you want to tell the readers about Hotel Rwanda?"

Rinse. Spit. "That they should go see it, I guess."

"Anything else?"

Now leering. "Not that I want to put in the blog..."


So that's it. (:)(:)(:)(:) for Hotel Rwanda, a powerful and ultimately uplifting story about a quiet hero in the midst of hell. To read a real review, click here.

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