Sunday, January 23, 2005

On politics
It may have come to snichols' readers attention the degree to which she has not been blogging about politics since a certain election in early November of aught four. It's as if some sort of political depression descended over, and she has yet to awaken.

Oh, she still follows things, sort of. Here's some stuff that's interesting her but not enough to write about it:

*Barbara Boxer becoming the Paul Wellstone (or here in California, we might say, "the Tom Hayden") of the U.S. Senate with her lone stance forcing a formal vote to ratify the electoral college results of the presidential election followed by (last week) her pummeling of Condoleeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzza (snichols would like it if she'd pummel DiFi too while she's at it).

*Leader Pro Tem of the California Senate Don Perata (presumed to be worse, or less liberal than his powerful predecessor John Burton) introducing and pushing a single payer full government health care plan for California.

*And ever, as always, the strong and abiding death wish of the national and state Democratic party.

These are topics that interest snichols enough to keep her awake at night. Perhaps she will blog about them soon.

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