Friday, January 21, 2005

(:)(:)(: for A Very Long Engagement
First, unrelated to the movie, a shout out to snichols' brother Evan and his blog. He's been blogging every day since January 1. And snichols has challenged herself to do the same.

So first, 2 1/2 snouts up for A Very Long Engagement which snichols saw on January 3rd in a jet-lagged-cabo-then-christmas-than-virgin-islands-what-a-month haze and then never reviewed.

snichols would not recommend this for the jet-lagged set. Granted, the seppia-toned cinematography is gor-juz and the script, cast and acting is more than adequate. And snichols is normally nothing if not up for (or down for depending on your decade) a long, slow-moving French film at Sacramento's delightfully run-down Tower Theater, n'est-ce pas?

But, again maybe it's the 4 time-zone trip talkin', but snichols could not begin to follow or care about the riveting decades old "detective" tale. Everytime she would get up to pee (and people were starting to whisper "when's the baby due" to her by the 4th or 5th time so next time she's wearing a Depends (tm) undergarment to the movies) she would hiss "whad I miss?" to her husband who would ignore her, so she basically has no fucking idea what the movie was about.

So that's the review. Ain't you glad snichols is blogging again? Well ain't chew?

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