Sunday, November 21, 2004

Why is snichols not blogging?
snichols is not really sure why she hasn't blogged this week. She is not, contrary to popular belief, still rocking alone in the dark in a room moaning "mommy." You forget. snichols lives in California where you must pay large amounts of money to spend a weekend in a large retreat center doing this with hundreds of others. To date, snichols has drawn the line at that (although she's scrolling through websites even as you read this...).

No. snichols would like to think that she is thinking. She is thinking about hate and why she thinks it is okay to hate Republicans while she wants everyone else to love everyone else. And she is thinking about "hippocritism," which is what her son accused her of today--hitting the mark so squarely that he used his leverage to extract a promise from snichols not to drink diet coke for 2 days (but realistically how will he know when he is at school? and would the exclusion apply to caffeine-free diet coke?).

See? snichols is thinking. and that, for now, will have to suffice.

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