Friday, November 12, 2004

Randi Rhodes Rants
Hey, snichols doesn'tt know whether to put any stock in it, because snichols has found her to be wrong at times before, but Randi Rhodes, afternoon host for Air America Radio, has quite a rant going about the election. She is absolutely convinced it was stolen. She bolsters her case with the following:
She says that in Cuyahoga County (in which Cleveland, Ohio resides) there were 97,000 more Bush votes cast then there were registered voters in the county.

She had experts on which cite the scientific nature of various exit polls that showed Kerry with a 5% lead in Florida and Ohio. She cites evidence that if you compare counties with verifiable voting systems to counties with unverifiable voting systems, you find that in counties with verifiable voting system a higher percentage of Republicans voted for Kerry than did Democrats voted for Kerry in nonverifiable counties.

She says that for Bush to have won the populous Florida counties, virtually 100% of independents and 30% of Democrats would have had to have voted for Bush. Yet, some 60% of independents and 95% of Democrats have reported voting for Kerry.

You can listen a long "sermon" she gave in the style of a southern hellfire preacher "get thee behind me, exit pollster" that kind of thing by clicking here Listen here and then scrolling down to "sound from the show" for November 9th.

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