Sunday, November 07, 2004

Frustration with your comments--methodology
For months snichols has set up the blog so that you can comment freely and have it posted either anonymously or not without her editing or intervention.

Yet none of you ever avail yourselves of this offer. Instead you persist in flooding snichols' email with replies to the email you get with the post, but you rarely make it clear whether you want snichols to post it or not and whether you would prefer to remain anonymous.

Could it be that you don't know how to do this? You need to click on the blog link at the bottom of the email and then click on comment and choose whether it's anonymous. It's that easy. Please do it.

Also, soon snichols is going to finally implement Daniel Weintraub's advice and stop emailing you my posts. snichols will wean you by emailing you the link but not the posts.


lynnspitalerihandlin said...

OK miss piggy,
here, did I do it right??? Pardon me for my ignorance of current internet ettiquette and tech. I guess I've been doing other things.

snichols said...

Lynn, you shoulda made this anonymous. I know where you live...