Monday, November 08, 2004

Four Snouts up for I "Heart" Huckabees
Nothing to shake you out of a post-election slump like a good movie, but hey, snichols would call this one great. It's her new favorite movie. Jeez, what's not to like? Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman as existential dectectives alone makes it worth it. But it's brilliantly written, philisophical and political at the same time.

This movie, one observer said, is like What the Bleep do we Know? only better and funnier. snichols totally agrees--what wants in to the culture right now? Fascinating: profound transcendant beliefs about the inherent connections between all of us coinciding in a world where the winning sports and political theme out of Texas is "Just a bunch of idiots"

Shit. If we're all connected, what does that make snichols?

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Anonymous said...

Here’s a VERY interesting MSNBC clip re voter fraud in Ohio and Florida.

The following link shows some of the raw data much of the above clip is based on.

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