Monday, May 24, 2004

More on Randi Rhodes
A few weeks ago, I plugged the Randi Rhodes Show (AM 1240 in Sacramento) as being the left's answer to Rush Limbaugh.

Now, after several weeks of listening to her (and Al Franken) regularly, I second my own motion: she is Limbaughesque, in the extreme.

To wit, I am afraid I must report that, like Limbaugh, she is grossly inaccurate, rude and very seldom knows what she's talking about. Moreover, she's not so much "left" as profoundly anti-Bush and pro-Kerry.

What put me over the edge was her rant on Nader--not unexpected and not undeserved--however she repeated several times that Nader had "founded the Green Party" to run in '00 and that the Green Party had "rejected him as their standard bearer" this year and so Ralph was forced to desperately turn to that "loser Ross Perot's Reform Party" for help.

As most of my readers know, none of these statements are true. Specifically, Ralph did not found the Green Party; it is more accurate to say that he rejected their nomination than vice versa and lastly, it seems more strategic to turn to the Reform Party than anything else--"loser Ross Perot" was polling ahead of both Clinton and Bush in May of 1992 and the skeletal structure of his party gets Ralph easy access to several key states.

She also called Ralph an "egomaniac," a term I've heard people I respect throw around as well. I strongly disagree with that, but I'll call it a debateable point rather than flat ass wrong.

Don't misunderstand me. I still enjoy the show. It's just that from here on out, I think you'll find the reception better from on top of a lick of salt.