Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Kerry Beats Clinton Hands Down
This is true in so many ways, but the way I mean now is that everyone needs to stop fretting. Everyone keeps talking about trouble in the Kerry campaign, but all the polls show a statistical dead heat between a relatively unknown challenger and an incumbent President.

The Bush operation has been playing defense for several days straight due solely to their own ineptness on the world stage. 75% of the American people are "shocked and appalled" by the torture of prisoners in Iraq (leaving aside that the same 75% is completely unaware and unconcerned that similar abuses happen every day in American prisons).

In May of 1992, Bill Clinton was running third for President against Big George after Ross Perot, 19 points down. Granted he was the comeback kid, but we've got the (gag me) "comeback Kerry." My point is that if this is "foundering," let 'em founder and we can laugh all the way to the inauguration.

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