Sunday, May 09, 2004

All Nonessential Email Must (not) Leave Iraq
Chris McGinn tells me to link to this blog to read about how Halliburton employees in Iraq are on 90-day nonessential email suspension per the pentagon. Note: I do not know Kathryn Cramer, nor do I read her blog, but if McGinn says it, I obey.

Give Hetch-Hetchy One More Chance
If you enter Yosemite National Park on Highway 120, you drive right by the entry to the Hetch-Hetchy Valley entrance to Yosemite. Have you ever gone there?

Although it purportedly broke John Muir's heart when Hetch-Hetchy was made into a reservoir to quench San Francisco's thirst, the valley is still breath-takingly beautiful, especially this time of year.

Today we hiked from the dam to Wapama Falls, about 5 miles roundtrip. Amazing wildflowers, butterflies, great path all along the "lake" and a spectacular waterfall payoff at the end. Do it in April or May to survive the exposure and see a lot of water.

Sign *MY* Petition to Oust Rumsfeld
I returned from 3 days out of town to emails from, the Kerry campaign, the DNC and, and a couple of friends to sign "their" petition to demand Rumsfeld's firing. Setting aside for a minute the question of why President Bobblehead is going to care what I and my *liberal* friends think of his cabinet choices, or how it's going to help us to sacrifice one pawn in the Cheney/Rove game only to replace him with another, just *whose* petition is this?

I signed the Kerry one. Click on this and do it if you haven't.

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