Monday, July 07, 2014

What is my next meditation?

For years I have meditated pretty much every day, sometimes more than once a day, but I tend to switch it up over the years.  Usually, the process of switching from one meditation style to another is very organic.  I am doing one style for a while (30 days, 6 months, whatever) and another presents itself to me and is so obviously my next meditation.

For a long while, it was listening to and chanting om nema shivaya.

After a weekend long Zen Buddhist retreat, for years it was sitting Zazen.

Then it was running energy and connecting with the earth.

Sometimes it is the John Randolph Pierce 40 day abundance series.

One year it was the Course in Miracles every day.

Then it was another chant and lying on an exercise ball.

For a while it was the Abraham Hicks into the Vortex meditations (which come on a handy app).

Lately, I seem to do a different style every day.  Zazen, then running energy, then Hicks.  This is weird for me.  I usually like to have a goal or a number of days, now I'm just feeling it.  What type of meditation does my body want today?

A friend gave me a Deepak Choprah/Oprah meditation series recently.  I should probably do that, but it needs to make itself known to me.  It needs to declare its interest in my meditating on it.

Show me, Lord, my next meditation.

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