Tuesday, July 08, 2014

"Mind Over Milkshake" -- Scientifically, our thoughts literally, demonstrably alter our physiology

I'm a religious scientist.  In 1927, Ernest Holmes, our founder, established this philosophy (now called a religion) which has as its principle belief, "change your thinking, change your life."  He taught and wrote (and wrote) that we could use our thoughts and our mind to create health, wealth, change anything about our lives.  Today the centers that practice this religion are collectively called the Centers for Spiritual Living--you can find a center near you here: Centers for Spiritual Living Website

Over the course of the 87 years since Holmes started talking about this, the science has more and more caught up with the theory.  I have come to the conclusion that as a burgeoning religious science minister, it will be part of my job to keep up with and be somewhat conversant with some of the many places that science proves our philosophy right.

Recently, NPR presented an example of this in a story called "Mind Over Milkshake"--here is a video (not just audio) of an amazing, and very vivid must watch story showing that quite literally, what we believe about food affects how our body digests it.

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Elizabeth Ayres said...

Great!!! I have always wondered why deep hypnosis was not used more often as a diet tool, as a person's state of mine (starvation)changes so radically when food intake is altered. Feed the brain, not the body.