Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More about Einstein Time

For months I have been praying to be shown how the principle of abundance applies to time.  I know it must, because I know that it works with money and love and all things, but I just haven't experienced this, so I needed help.

I also spent the past 5 1/2 years studying, among other things, how the principles of quantum physics apply to spirituality.  I learned that at the quantum level, there is no time.   You've heard of quantum leaps?  Well a quantum leap is what happens when photon (smallest known unit of light and energy) communicates with another photon across space and time, instantaneously.  Or maybe something just happens to both of them at once because they're really the same object only they're in two different places.  Or maybe Schrodinger's cat eats one of them and someone else's cat swallows the other--as you can see, the possibilities are endless.

The point is that an answer to prayer came the other day in the form of a chapter called "Living in Einstein Time" in The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.  Hendricks reminded me that quite literally, we can make time.  Our entire experience of time is in our head.

He cites Einstein's explanation of relativity, where 2 hours with your beloved feels like 1 minute and 1 minute on a hot stove feels like 2 hours (and in Einstein's day, hot stoves were HOT STOVES!).  How can this be?

The idea of time marching on and moving in measurable fixed increments is actually not scientific.  It's a convenient fiction more compatible with debunked Newtonian principles than quantum principles.

Hendricks says that we are quite literally in control of our experience of time.  He says that now that he lives in Einstein time, he gets twice as much done in half the time.  My main experience of this difference is when sometimes I'm sitting at my desk and it seems like I've gotten tons done and only 30 minutes has passed and another day, I look up and it's lunch time and I've gotten nothing done.

I told you one trick for living in Einstein time yesterday (you'll have to go back and read that post, it's a doozy).  Today's hint is simply to focus on making time.  When you are rushing, slow down and say to yourself, "I have time.  I can make time.  I have plenty of time" and see what happens.

More to come, I'm digging this!

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