Friday, March 19, 2010

Postcard from Buffalo

A rare trip to Buffalo, New York in the spring (occasioned by an insurance company flying me out to depose me in a personal injury case in which I am the defendant). It's all Al Gore's fault really. In July of 2006 I took my mother to the venerable Chautauqua Institution near Buffalo, NY to hear/watch Al Gore give his global warming slideshow in person.

The place was mobbed. Apparently it was the largest attendance Chautauqua (aka Disneyland for PBS Seniors) has ever garnered for any one lecture. At that precise moment, I knew in a flash that a Democrat would win the presidency in 2008. If a ballooned-up ex failed presidential candidate can kill in rural Buffalo with a global warming slideshow, it's all over for the guys who pretend there is no global warming.

Global warming (aka climate change) is evident today with a balmy high of 58 and sun in late March. In Buffalo this translates to people walking down bustling Elmwood Avenue in shirtsleeves (significant windchill factor notwithstanding). For this California girl it meant coat, hat and gloves. Still, I did my best to boost the Buffalo economy buying souvenirs for my family. Afterall, they won't be back here until July...they miss it.

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Mr. Peabody said...

Thanks for the report. Post some pics, Hermana. What it is?