Monday, March 08, 2010

Bullocks to Bridges

What a cruel joke that long-overlooked Jeff Bridges had to have his night cheapened by long-overrated Sandra Bullocks. I mean, come on! They aren't even the same league. America's Sweetheart has never been mine. As far as I'm concerned, she's got no special acting talent whatsoever. She's not even particularly special to look at. The most effusive adjective I could apply to Sandra Bullocks is unobjectionable at least prior to last night's Oscars. I object to her being named Best Actress.

Fortunately, from what I could discern of her odd acceptance speech, Sandra Bullocks objects too. She seemed to know that she had no business receiving the honor and that more than anything it may have signaled the end of her career in B movies.

Jeff Bridges on the other hand has been brilliant over the years, most notably in The Big Lebowski which has always been one of my favorite films. Unlike most overdue oscars, this one actually went for a performance worthy of the award--Bridges has never been better than as Bad Blake in Crazy Heart.

Too bad Bullocks winning her award gives an implication that they're both just getting the award for sure stamina, rather than talent.

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