Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 1 -- San Francisco

Staying in a great apartment on Oak Street in Hayes Valley. Day 1, my daughter and I walk down to Union Square to shop -- she needs basically everything. It's cold but the day cooperates mostly, with only a sprinkle. On the way, passing lots of street people, I try to teach her "the face." "The face" was taught to me years ago in NYC by my friend Katie who insisted it was crucial to survival in the Big Apple. Not sure if the big, um, High Heel (?) requires The Face but it seems prudent.

The Face entails not showing any sign of openness or seeing the people around you. The theory is that crazy street people can easily spot a newbie or tourist by their open and amazed countenance and then swoop in for the kill (not literally, but you have conversations you may not want). My daughter, being a teenager and an accomplished frowner, is a natural for The Face. And she loves the concept. I ruin it by periodically saying, "oh, look at that amazing fountain!" and pointing. That is so not Face.

Later we go to a Kabob place in Hayes Valley. I insult the Turk behind the counter by asking for Greek soup (they have other greek things on the menu). We recover and the food is amazing. We end up contracting with them to provide the food for our Good Friday crucifixion feast at the apartment.

Bill and our son try to go see Ghostwriter at a nearby theater but the tickettaker says, "now everyone's 21 with an ID?" and of course, we have a 15 year old. Turns out the Japan town theater has been turned into a bar/theater. Sounds fun. Just no good for the kids.

Today is Golden Gate park museums.

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