Monday, October 29, 2007

(:)(:)(:)(:)(:) for The Gospel Project of Austin, TX

Five Snouts Up for The Gospel Project of Austin, Texas, a terrific rocking peace and love gospel band.

Warming up for the wedding where I "discovered" them, I groaned slightly as I heard the first strains of "The House of the Rising Sun," but fell in love as they layered the lyrics to "Amazing Grace" over it (hilarious, inspired and musical, like the band itself). After that I couldn't get enough (in an alcohol-free state, I might add) of their blend of rock and gospel with fabulous vocals by (gospel soloist) Jessica Shephard--what a sound!

The next day I saw them pack South Austin watering hole Maria's Taco Express as they laid down tracks for their second CD backed up by the South Austin Unity Gospel Choir. The audience danced, laughed and sang along.

Listen for me screeching in the background during "Woke Up this Morning with My Mind Stayed on Freedom" and keep an ear and an eye on the The Gospel Project.

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