Friday, October 19, 2007

All the way with HBJ

Word on the street is that (former 35th California Assembly district) Assemblymember Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) is throwing her hat in the ring to run for the Republican dominated 19th Senate district.

Past conventional wisdom has had it that this district, badly configured in the last redistricting go around, is lost to Democrats (it is currently held by Republican arch conservative Tom McClintock). But current polling data shows Jackson not only wins the Democratic primary but the general election handily.

Jackson in the Senate would not only be a vital pick-up for the Democrats (they only need 1 vote for the budget-proof two thirds) but a crucial victory for progressives. No shrinking violet, Hannah-Beth has always voted her conscience and her conscience is fabulous. Moreover, she's spent her forced (due to term limits) "retirement" from the legislature working hard to improve California through founding and running her effective organization Speak Out California.

That's why I'm going all the way with HBJ!

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