Saturday, March 12, 2005

What Change Means for Snichols
A number of readers had strong reactions to snichols' posting about change sneaking up on her. Some were enlightened. Many were frightened. A few wondered whether snichols was stating that change was good or bad, in short, what did it all mean?

At the risk of belaboring a topic that may bore her less metaphysically-minded readers, snichols will attempt to answer these questions. Although she thought it was implicit, snichols can assure you if you like that the change is good. But then people today are fond of saying, "it's all good" (a phrase which, at first few hearings, snichols hated, until she thought it was merely someone paging her to tell her that yet again, it was David Allgood on the phone).

The good truth is that it is all good. It's really not a matter of changing one's habits. One needn't meditate daily (although it helps) or slow down (although that helps too). You can truly sit at your busy desk in the middle of your busy day, with Allgood holding on line two, and all good on line one--take both calls, and breath.

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